Before the cold temperatures of winter set in, an excellent time to enjoy your porch is fall. However, if you want to protect your porch before winter arrives, you have to do several things.  

To help protect and maintain their porch over the winter, there are several things porch owners have to do before fall is in complete swing. In order for you to avoid hiring a porch builder for expensive repairs, here several things that you can do for your porch: 

Examine Surrounding Trees 

One of the main porch maintenance tips does not really involve your porch. However, it instead involves the trees that surround it. Fallen branches and trees can cause a lot of damage to your porch. Thus, an excellent way to help avoid this type of damage is to check carefully the surrounding trees before winter arrives.  

Wind, ice, and snow can all cause weak branches to break and fall. Thus, you have to ensure that your tree does not have any weak branches. This is very important.  

Fix Weaknesses 

Before fall is over, looking for any indications of damage on your deck and fix them before winter arrives is another wise move that you can do. Rotten boards, splinters, and cracks can become much more severe during the winter season since the days are cold and wet. You can easily avoid bigger problems in the spring if you fix these problems before winter.  

Waterproof or Wash 

Before fall is over, it is an excellent move to waterproof your traditional wood deck if you’ve got one. You can avoid damage from water shrinking and expanding as the temperatures fluctuate by waterproofing your porch before the winter season arrives in your area. You can also help avoid mildew and/or mold from growing on your porch across the spring and winter season if you seal your porch with waterproofing sealant.  

You will not have to waterproof your porch if it is a composite material. However, it is an excellent move to give it a complete wash. This process will help make sure that you have eliminated any debris and dirt. In addition to that, you can also prevent any staining from happening over the winter.  

Clean Off Debris 

During the fall season, one huge issue for porches is the collection of debris and dirt. You can never avoid this type of issue. Things such as fallen leaves might not appear like a major issue. However, these leaves will get rot and wet over the winter. This will leave unwanted stains and damage on your deck. Because of that, it is very crucial to clean off things such as fallen branches and leaves on a routine basis if you want to prevent this. By doing this, you can protect your porch from mold and/or mildew.  

While doing your fall porch maintenance task, you should also check for damages. If you do spot one, do not hesitate to contact a professional. If you don’t fix that damage, it will only get worse over the winter.